about us

NKD Pizza was founded in New Orleans in 2006 in a cinder block building, a tad under 500 square feet, that took six feet of water following the levee failures of Hurricane Katrina. This tiny building, with the cracked glass, leaning a degree or two to the left, is affectionately referred to as “the lab.” 

There, a physiologically correct and delicious pizza was perfected: A crust of 10 grains and seeds bound together with pure water instead of dough stabilizers, made by hand and baked for the right balance of crunch and chewiness. The perfect blend of herbs and spices for our homemade tomato sauce, free of citric acid and added sugar. The highest quality, freshest ingredients available. A pizza that honoured our mission to help instead of harming, to reacquaint people with a 200,000-year-old nutritional blueprint that had been abandoned long ago for a modern diet that our bodies do not recognize, and as such, has contributed to an epidemic of declining health. 

And it was in the lab that we chose the carryout and delivery pizza store model as our Trojan horse to a $139 billion global industry, comprised of precise, knowledgeable and efficient operations, with the ability to deliver an attractive and predictable return to investors. We chose that model because it facilitated the return on investment necessary to build the infrastructure that allows us to scale and achieve impact.