about us

Ahh pizza, a language we all speak. Like the ultimate party playlist. When done right it’s pure sizzle. For us, making the perfect pizza is more than a passion. It’s a way of life. From carefully sourcing our fresh ingredients, to how we craft our tasty pizzas by hand.

We want to stand out from the crowd, spreading our values and leading by example and that’s why we’ve rolled out a new exciting pizza menu. Introducing the Napoli Dynamite, the Tropical Thunder and the In a Hurry for Pepperoni. Our unique take on pizza also includes the option of customising flavours according to our customers’ taste, offering a distinctive and personalised product. 

To streamline and make our operations as efficient as possible all of our stores offer one size of pizza at one price proving fantastic value for franchisees and customers. 

We love that pizza brings people together sharing with laughter and warmth. Togetherness is something we celebrate and believe in at NKD Pizza, and seek to spread throughout the world.

One handcrafted pizza at a time.