It's a feeling!

For us, making the perfect pizza is more than a passion. It’s a way of life.


fresh ingredients, prepared daily

We do our best to ensure our cheese and vegetables are carefully sourced, and that our meats have no bad stuff hiding in them. We slice many ingredients from fresh for our pizzas— ranging from tomatoes to peppers.

NKD Pizza UK

ancestral blend crust

our crust is made from an Ancestral Blend® of 10 grains

Our crust is made from an Ancestral Blend® of 10 grains, bound by water and made by hand. Eating NKD Pizza can leave you feeling really satisfied. We believe it’s the diversity of grains and fibers that can help provide a slow, sustained release of energy avoiding the crash some people experience after eating single grain, highly processed pizzas.

NKD Pizza UK

nkd tomato sauce

our very own house-made tomato sauce

Our tomato sauce is deliciously spiced and herbed. We do our very best to avoid anything processed, modified or tinkered with. Our simple aim is to use fresh ingredients and combine them to make really tasty sauce for our pizza.

NKD Pizza UK

The NKD Story

Our story begins in 2006, in our funky hometown of New Orleans within a cinder block building, lovingly referred to as ‘the lab’. Hailing from a vibrant city of musical culture, Mardi Gras colourful carnivals, and Cajun influences, our founders developed a fire in their bellies to create a vivid range of pizzas. Inspired by ancestral dough recipes and the power of simple fresh and local ingredients to ignite your taste buds, our first NKD Pizza was born.

To bring our pizzas to life, we use fresh, local natural ingredients. Our dough is handcrafted using a combo of grains and baked to a perfect harmony of “crunch and chewiness.” We use a unique blend of herbs and spices, mixed to perfection for a lush NKD Pizza sauce. 

Our toppings are bursting with flavour creating a pizza that honours and celebrates the spice of life. We want to reacquaint people with what truly matters, savouring connections with others, and treasuring real experiences.

We believe that our pizzas speak for themselves and have fought for you to become our advocates, sharing your stories and experiences online to the global pizza community. After all NKD Pizza needs to be shared. It’s a feeling.

NKD Pizza UK